The Beginning….

by Julie Milne, Founding President


In late fall 1994 I began to speak with my sister-in-law Barbie Milne about NCL, Inc..  My niece and she were members of the Fullerton Chapter.  The more I heard the more interested I became and Brooke happened to be listening to one of our conversations.  She loved the whole idea and said “Mom, let’s start a Chapter in Green Valley.”  I was happy she was so interested but made her make the commitment that if I did this, she would promise to be the best Ticktocker she could possibly be.  This was a big undertaking, I could tell.
I began in February to speak with my friends and neighbors about our Chapter and the response was very exciting.  I decided to jump in and called the Expansion office of NCL, Inc. in late February.  They arranged for us to have an initial meeting with the Expansion VP of National, who asked me to gather about 10-20 mothers who might want to start our Chapter of NCL, Inc. I paid the initial fee and gave them a name — Green Valley Chapter of NCL, Inc.  just for starters!!!  In March the Expansion VP came to meet with us.  However, the word spread so fast that in one week, we went from 20 some mothers to over 130 plus interested moms, as well as excited daughters.




We moved the first meeting to the Legacy Golf Course and visually shocked the VP of Expansion with our enthusiasm and interest.  She had never seen such a turn out.  Her only concern was how could we sustain this interest!!! From there, we were granted our “Prospective Status” and told to go “recruit Patronesses and Ticktockers in each grade level 7-11 for the new year starting in April.  We organized into grade levels, asked for volunteers for the Board.  They gave a commitment of 2 years to help us solidify our organization and GLA’s, remember, the language was all new to all of us.  By the National Convention in late April, we were nearly full at each grade level.  We worked hard through the summer and were granted our Provisional status by October of 1995.  This was very fast for any organization to achieve this level of organization.  We were then told that it usually takes 2-3 years to be granted a Charter.  We wanted to get this done in one year. or less.  This meant many long hours by the parliamentarian and Philanthropy VP and VP Ticktockers, etc.  They got it done and we were granted our full Charter by October, 1996, and presented at the National Convention in April 1997.  This was one of the fastest Charters to that date ever presented to any chapter and one of the largest memberships ever to apply for initial prospective status Membership and Charter.  I do not know if this is still true, but was noted at the convention at the time they presented ours.  Obviously, we were able to sustain our Membership, most chapters really struggle in the early years.  We did not seem to have much of a problem.  We organized and held every event that “big chapters” do from the first year.  We even had a fall Membership party that no longer exists.  Everyone worked long and hard hours to bring this Chapter along.  I remember spending 12 hours a day for the first 2 years trying to learn the ropes of NCL, Inc.  I consider this organization one of my proudest moments, aside from my children and husband.  This Chapter continues to awe me every time I am in its presence, regardless what is about.